It's an indies life for me...

I try incredibly hard to practice what I preach- trips to the butchers, the bakers and the candlestick makers...( the butchers, the deli and the beauticians is more like it, much more 2015 rather than 1915). If your looking for personal service, a tipple while you puruse or wait for your colour to set and keep money in your local economy, creating more jobs and a prosperous place to live, then why not shop independent? Seems like a no brainier - but with busy lifes, internet grocery shopping being quicker and easier than dragging a screaming toddler round tesco, I get why so many of us do this! (I'd be lying if I said i hadn't) I've had to make a real effort to remember that buying local products might mean an extra couple of trips to different shops but it means less packaging, more nutrients as it's not flown half way across the world - so it's more eco-friendly and supportive of the local economy at the same time!


In the last couple of weeks, I've visited The Post Box for dinner, Pig Halle for a drunken post ladies day dinner ( it was excellent despite my inebriated state -oops), Rae Peacock Hair for a colour, a cut and a hair up ( for said drunken day at Perth racecourse) Letting Rae do as he pleased, a trip to Bliss for a spray tan by Rachael pre ladies day ( I don't actually treat myself as much as this, honestly) anyway - I was thinking about why I like using local services other than the obvious, that I want to support fellow independents but the real reason is I trust their judgement, like and admire them as people, value the fact they carry out their business with honesty, integrity and provide a genuinely good service for their customers.

I set up Evalucia to turn my passion for fashion into a vocation, which in turn has become more a way of life for me - I bloodly love it, every part of it! From going on buying trips and seeing garments or shoes I know some or one of my regular customers will love, to hearing all about their wedding plans, their children, entertaining their children while they try on potential wears for date night at the weekend ( yes you Debbie Chan!) or the weekly chats I have with fellow indies thrashing out business ideas and sharing nuggets of wisdom, trying to genuinely help each other - Or Linda from Murrays the bakers bringing in a pie and a pineapple cake for lunch (yum!!) I can honestly say I have never,ever felt such a sense of community at any work place-even the ones where I've met some of my best friends. 

I would be telling a lie if there haven't been days, weeks or months where a quieter spell has left me complelty skint, pissed off and ready to quit - but being a stubborn bugger, I kept going ( wondering how next weeks bills would get paid and surviving off hardly any sleep) And I'm so glad I did - this last seven to eight months there has been a real buzz about the place, yes we have quieter days, but on a whole we are kept going and very steady. This prom season I should have bought a stake in the master tailors, we've pinned in and up that many dresses, stuck to our laurels to give honest and diplomatic opinions and tried extremely hard to keep track we are selling only one style of any dress for any prom or special event ( every girls worst nightmare turning up in the same dress).

In summary, it's a tough game - most small business owners do what they do because it's their passion and without passion, there is no enthusiasm or fire. I for one want to keep the fire burning and keep our local shops and  economy thriving - that's why I'm sticking to my laurels and shopping local!!