Ever wanted a Personal stylist- for free?

I sit here writing a blog about styling in a pair of cigarette pants with very uncoordinated pair of grubby burgundy converse, a over-sized bohemian fluffy cardigan, unwashed hair and looking a country mile from put together and stylish- in the main because I'm over worked and tired... I just want to be comfortable, warm, and under my duvet today.

After a rather unsuccessful first trip wedding dress shopping a couple of weeks ago ( in the main because my arse is currently super sized) it got me thinking about body image and how it can make us ladies that have a body hang up or two, waaay more self conscious about our bodies when trying on clothes- no matter how nice the sales assistant is, its really soul destroying trying on clothes that just don't work on you or flatter your shape, or plain just don't fit- I concluded that for all my failings and own hangups, one thing I know is what suits different body shapes- and i LOVE to dress other people well ( when they will let me!) 

I tried on dresses I wouldn't normally, ones I knew I would love but just didn't fit, and a couple I really liked but just did not like what was looking back at me in the mirror, what is normally a shapely hourglass silhouette had way more lumps and bumps than it did a few years back- after a couple of years of being comfortable and frequent Friday and Saturday nights drinking wine and copious amounts of nibbles and rich meals, its taken it's toll, I decided enough is enough- I think its too big an ask to kick a sociable drink or two completely, but I will be cutting way back , swapping my processco for a gin and slim line with a fresh lime.

It got me thinking about dressing for your body shape and not buying what you like and how much harder it is to shop if your not a clothes horse or know nothing about the cut of clothing that suit different shapes.

I buy for the store completely differently than I do than when I shop for myself-I think about styles that flatter and suit different shapes, what has commercial appeal rather than a fashion must have ( I would be lying if I don't occasionally get sucked in by trends!) I for one often find myself with lots of stock, but only a limited number of items at anyone time that actually suit my body shape, then do hours of trawling trying to find something to wear, getting myself majorly pissed off when its not successful or I'm trying on clothes that don't fit or do nothing for me.

We recently started doing in-store styling nights for our more regular customers ( anyone is welcome!) and although what was meant to be a styling night, turned into lots of shopping, chin wags and sipping drinks... We thought it might be worth putting all the work put into our intended styling sessions into play, but based on group nights, we thought it might work better on a one to one basis. I'ts very personal, and specific to how you feel, your hair colouring, styling and your body shape at the time ( mines is ever changing). 

We have decided moving forward to offer complimentary in-store personal styling- this includes a small questionnaire, getting an idea of what you like, your lifestyle, look at colours that work well on you and help you pick out pieces that you need, or we think would work well on you- no obligation what so ever to purchase- but what it does do, is helps you have confidence in what your picking and wearing, and that when you pay us a visit instore, its no different going shopping with your best friend, or mum ( maybe a little less harsh than my mum!) you will leave knowing you've had an honest opinion, and that what we suggest is suited to your own personal style ( its nice to try something new from time to time) lifestyle and comfort zone. 

So for any of you fancying a little styling session, I'm ready and waiting- We have lots and lots of new arrivals, all waiting to be tried on! call the store on 01738 446991, send us a Facebook message, or pop in and see us to book a time.


Styling sessions are available dependent on our in-store staffing levels.